Thinking About Planting Corn at Higher Populations?

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Higher Corn Populations? Where is the Industry Headed?

In this video, Area Agent, Tim Hambrick, discusses why higher populations are a trend and what to consider before we plant more seeds to the acre.

Just like yield, corn populations continue to increase. Today’s hybrid
can take tighter spacing, has better standability, better drought tolerance and better root systems – all which often lead to increased yield at higher populations.

Several consecutive years of management tests in North Carolina’s North West Piedmont have shown that higher populations out-yield lower populations when compared across multiple hybrids. However, not all hybrids respond the same! Not all land can support a high population!

Do a little research, try a hybrid that responds well to high populations, run a
test on some of your better land and compare some strips of your standard population to a population a few thousand plants higher. You might find a way to increase profitability, and who doesn’t want a little more profitability!

Video sponsored by Corn Growers Association of North Carolina